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aursocho - jo socho wo milega

Eight years ago when TBI Technologies was started as a software service provider, it was the time of Great Recession or Global Financial Crises. Everyone around us thought that we were out of our mind, everyone said No and here we are today, launching our next product - aursocho.com came live on 21st March 2016 said Mr. Sohil Bansal Founder of aursocho

As software service provider, we developed multiple softwares, serving multiple segments all across the country. We kept customer service on highest priority, thus each of our softwares were completely customized as per need.

It was 2013, when revolution in Indian Retail space started happening. Major eCommerce players started providing seller market places, where anybody can sell. Shopkeepers started realizing the power of Digitalization. Hence, born our product ER4U- Easy Retail For You to manage Retail Industry as per the latest market needs- explains Mr. Gaurav Dalela Co. Founder of aursocho

Now we are adding "Sell on eCommerce" option too. We are enabling Shopkeepers to sell online via just single click. We are making it possible through www.aursocho.com. Shopkeeper will have to upload inventory on ER4U for their store management. After listing the inventory, shopkeeper can simply manage their shop and sell online without any extra effort. i.e. ER4U

Ms. Srishti Bansal CEO of aursocho says... being a Fashion Designer I thought to serve my people with latest fashions and look glamorous all time with a focus on menswear, womenswear or personal style, I have introduced an entirely different way for the modern shopper to find outfit inspiration with a personal flair. By the name of herself she wants to built entire nation to be in vogue with this online portal and brings quirky trend all over.

N coming back to the name aursocho thought by Mr. Bansal as he always think beyond imaginations, he does things easier for everyone who has never shop online and for the one who are addicted to do online shopping & as like the crowning touch says jo socho wo milega. He has implemented many new ideas for the peoples to make them benefited by the new strategy of discounts and coupons by which anyone can be a part of aursocho family and encourage others to shop from aursohco.

ER4U provides seamless management of all kind of needs at physical retail store (like- Inventory management, Human Resource Management, Customer Relationship Management, Accounting, etc.) ER4U provides all of this with internet connectivity, hence making Shopkeeper independent and connected with store all the time irrespective of his location. Customer Relationship Management provides facility to create offers, coupons, generate schemes and issue Membership cards for the customers, which statistically shows an average 25% sales growth rate.

The idea of eCommerce itself is not new. The genesis of the thought to set up aursocho.com came from the new type of services which are not yet provided by competitors. Each and every shopkeeper who sells online has to manage both, the physical store and online store separately. Now with ER4U, any shopkeeper can manage and grow their physical store, as well as sell online with aursocho.com and grow their revenue and reach of customers by maintaining their store and online stock at a single place, it's a very new hassle free medium to manage the stock.

eCommerce has changed the way we live. Youngsters want to live their lives on the internet. The future is bright and we are placed right. India's biggest online companies in the next five years will be from eCommerce and we want to be in those companies. It is going to be one of the most difficult tasks ever done by us but it's possible. This is nothing but the power of ecommerce.

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